People are against President Obama’s $4 billion investment on self-driving cars


People who oppose self-driving cars make their best argument on why they are against President Obama’s investment of $4 billion dollars when they claim that it is not worth the money. They believe that the Obama administration should not invest billions of dollars into something that’s going to significantly impact public transportation and take away jobs.


Many people argue that self-driving cars are going to eliminate our public transportation by replacing them with self-driving cars. “Public transportation was originally founded as an alternative source of transportation method for people, including the young, old, and disabled, to get around without having to walk [and] without having to know how to drive.” It was a means of convenience for a lot of individuals, but since self-driving cars are going into market soon, people fear that public transportation will cease to exist. They are afraid that there will be more cars on the road which will bring a lot of harm to our environment because of the pollution and congestion they will create. Many people will have a difficult time going to their destinations due to the heavy traffic flow from cars, whereas if public transportation still existed it can carry a lot of people and use less road space which enables more people to get to their destination faster and more conveniently. Unfortunately, that is not the case because driverless vehicles will soon replace public transportation. People will slowly start to abandon public transportation until no one is willing to take them, and as a result, the government will order public transportation to be stopped and it is taking place now.



Currently in Beverly Hills, the “Beverly Hills City Council has unanimously approved plans for a driverless [shuttles to be tested as a replacement for] the affluent Los Angeles neighborhood’s public transportation system.” The City Council is thinking about ways to employ self-driving shuttles into people’s commuting lives, so that it is more convenient because autonomous cars are able to “reduce demand for parking [and] increase safety and mobility for everyone, including the disabled” and they have already begun taking steps towards that direction. Soon, in the upcoming years, Beverly Hills will no longer have public transportations such as busses, trains, and taxis that are driven by humans, but rather driverless shuttles and cars that are operated by machines and computers to take care of the people’s transportation needs. 


People who are against driverless vehicles argue that these vehicles will provide nothing but distress and hardship because they are going to strip away people’s jobs. Many people, approximately 180,960, work as a taxi driver in the United States as of 2015, but with the rise of self-driving cars going into market, these people will lose their jobs since driverless vehicles are going to replace the need for drivers. Who will need taxi drivers when there are autonomous cars that are able to fulfill the same criteria and requirements on taking them to their destination, but in cheaper prices? No one, and as a result, there will be a significant increase in unemployment. People who once earned income by driving people will be left homeless trying to earn money for themselves, and as result, many people are unhappy and displeased. They believe that “technology would eliminate the need for human labor” and they do not want this.

Police officers and anyone working in the law enforcements argue that their jobs will be at stake because of driverless vehicles. They claim that since self-driving cars are supposed to reduce the rate of traffic accidents and create safer environments, there will be no need for police officers because “how many police officers will be needed with fewer traffic and accident-related issues to deal with?” None. The government will be creating new transport rules that will ensure the safety of autonomous cars for passengers and as a result, many police officers will either be reassigned other tasks or lose their jobs.




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